Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Music Monday :: Official Unofficial Review of Confessions of a Lunatic Pope - The Soundtrack

Why not review? A better introduction goes here. >_< TIME!!!!!

think i am going to make this face when i take pictures from now on

Buy it! (Might be on Amazon too? Not sure?) Or just listen online! Find the other songs at!! :D

Favorite song on the CD!
Halt Production and Consumption by Tim Bowen

1. "12 21 2012" 3 Inch Giants
Really like the first 20 seconds.

2. "Fiends" Crucial Sufi Project
aarrrrgh chicken patty chicken patty chicken patty

3. "Crucial Sufi VS Parson's Brown" Thee Temple OV Thee Dog
One of my favorites on the album. ^_^ Favorite lyric: "That was crucial, brah" or maybe that part where whoever is singing makes guitar sounds. :D

4. "Mandie Said" Bad Spelling and Grammar
I forgot. Oh, wait- this is the one that I think I avoid because I think it's going to curse me. Not that it sounds like a curse. XD

5. "Brain DamnAge" Bad Spelling and Grammar
This reminds me of a song that emo Jim Morrison would write. :D

6. "The Day 9-11" Parson's Brown Project
I can't remember. :( It would help if I could listen to the CD while I type but we can't have everything, now can we?

7. "Halt Production and Consumption" Baba Ku
My absolute favoritest favoritest song on the album. I love the riff!!! I don't even know what the lyrics are but if I listen I would probably like them according to the title. :D

8. "Bluegrass and Sorcery" Baba Ku
Baba Ku is my favoritest band on the album*. This is isn't one of my favorite songs on the album but I still enjoy listening to it. Of all the bands, Baba Ku definitely has the most solid sound on the album, I think. :D

9. "Gonna Shovel Rice" Bad Spelling and Grammar
This one seriously rivals #7, I really freaking love it. It needs to be in a video if it is not already.

10. "Freemasons Make it out of Human Bones" 3 Inch Giants
It's so that you don't cough when you've got a cold. Yup. :D

11. "Al Pacino" Parson's Brown Project
This is another rival of #7 (and #9). I have to skip this song when my kids are around though because *whispers* there are bad words. :O  I really love it though. "Huah!!" Whoever does vocals for Parson's Brown Project seems really fun and energetic. :D Even though I am totally blanking on #6. That is so weird.

12. "Inbetween Vacuumings" 3 Inch Giants
Huh, I kind of remember this song, but it's going the way of #6 in my head. :/

13. "Lovecraftian Experience at the Cracker Barrel" 3 Inch Giants
One of the most catchy songs on the album. Not one of the best, or one of my favorites, but I find it playing in my head after I listen to the soundtrack. And I don't think it's because it's the last song, because usually the CD loops so it's not usually the last one I listen to. I'm not mad about it though. :D

*I just looked through the Pope's posts and apparently Baba Ku opened for Kimya Dawson! What!!! I was just talking about her! :D


  1. Wow Tim Bowen is a better musician then I thought! Long live Eris!

  2. I like the track you posted. I've been able to dig some other stuff he's put up at well. Good stuff.

  3. AWESOME REVIEW!! Glad you really liked it! I've been working on getting all this stuff together in a more convenient place to find out more about each band.
    All info will most likely be posted in my next post. :)

  4. Wow, I'd really love to check this out, Timothy is a personal hero of mine, he's an absolute genius and his influences are great.

  5. A nice review of a seemingly nice album lol. Long live Eris!

  6. I'm gonna have to check it out :)

  7. Good stuff, and I thought he was just a writer.

  8. Whoa that's impressive, didn't he publish a book recently as well?