Sunday, November 6, 2011


I'm not that much of a Redditor (If I visited Reddit any more than casually a couple times a month, I would live there.), but Nebberz wanted to show me the top story just now, AESOP ROCK AMA.

i don't know what day it is, either

Of course, we love Aesop Rock, we love Blockhead, we love Atmosphere. ET CETERA.

So I found out, he has been working with KIMYA DAWSON. This chick that I kinda but not really hang out with a few times a year. Alright, our kids play together. Alright, they don't actually because they're not the same age or gender but ARGHGHGHG. We have a mutual friend who was like "She doesn't want anyone to know this, but she just won a Grammy." And so of course I'm EXTRA AWKWARD around her because OMG SHE'S FAMOUSE. Dammit, Wendy, why did you tell me!? LOL

Who's Kimya Dawson, you say? I dunno, you guys might have heard of The Moldy Peaches and Juno, and that cute little song that she & Adam sang called "Anyone Else But You." If that's not familiar, you must live under a rock or something, I dunno.

she is ridiculously cute in person

Anyway - Kimywa Dawson - *thumbs up* I mean, I overheard her on the phone talking about designing her own socks to sell.


Everyone should check out what she's doing, now. And throw money at her.

And Aesop Rock.

And Busdriver.

I made another post on Instagram (I'm an IG-aholic, I'm telling you) about Flash Bang Grenada (10 Haters is my absolute new favorite album btw, everyone buy it. Or download it. Or search for it on youtube.) and SOMEONE TAGGED BUSDRIVER. So, if he checks his "news" my little picture will be there and, oh jeez, I am so shy. *hides*

It's nice though, maybe I can be an artist, and just never go back to work for THE MAN. If playing video games and making pictures counts as artistry...? I feel like my pinkie toe is getting in the door, and I know Tacoma is not the new-hip-now town, but I'm SOOO EXCITED to just be able to live downtown, somewhere close to music.

Anyway, just had to vent my frustration at being SOCLOSE to these awesome, awesome people. But of course I am only surrounding myself with awesome people. How else can I expect to be awesome?


  1. Dude that's awesome. I always love to hear when these awesome artists are just laid back people. But then she kinda seems that way.

    I also lol'd at the socks thing. Then I clicked the link and was all oh, she was being honest. Then I giggled some more.

  2. "But of course I am only surrounding myself with awesome people. How else can I expect to be awesome?" - Wise words.

  3. I love dem socks. (:

  4. That's a pretty cool story buddy. Nice post as always.

  5. ahah that's a cool story