Sunday, July 3, 2011

Oh, Wow. (Optimization is Sexy)

This year has been crazy for us. I just lost my job a couple of weeks ago. I was planning on quitting once I moved, but they beat me to it. Maybe I'll write about it.

We are still trying to move. We finally got a real estate agent, but we're trying to get a loan for like $55,000 tops. We did get pre-approved for an FHA loan and, I believe, some sort of helper loan on Nebberz's disability income alone ($800/mo).

Yes, we are a family of 4 living off of $800/mo (US$) plus whatever else we can scrape up! It can be done, and it doesn't have to be That Bad.  We're kind of hoping to be an example for others to show you can "have everything" without a wasteful lifestyle. Optimization is sexy.

I've started selling things on eBay, he fixes computers for our friends. I'm hoping to have more time to devote here and perhaps consolidating and getting a .com. I signed up for a .tk, but I didn't have any traffic because I haven't been posting regularly.

I'm planning on doing some interviews. I have at least a handful of amazing people at my disposal that I think the world should learn about. =D Probably some essays like the posts written on Technicolor Typecast. Maybe videos. Infinite space is the limit! All I need to do is find the time and motivation.

Things have been unplanned and interesting and occasionally stressful, but we've been handling it like a BAWSE.

P.S -- Feel free to ask questions about our lifestyle, I would love to answer them in posts. We are EXTREMELY low-income (partly by choice), unschoolers (kids are 1.5 and 7 years), members of our local self-reliant and sustainability groups, and when we move we plan on trying out minimalism, or at least the 100-Thing Challenge. Oh, and my husband and I (though we are not "officially" married) have had a fantastic relationship over the last 5+ years of spending our lives together 24/7. And I had a homebirth. Damn, we do all sorts of different shit. Let me know what you'd like to read about.


  1. Won't your children resent you for not having what most normal kids get at that age?

    No offense intended, it's just if I had to grow up like that I wouldn't be friends with my parents, I would probably stop contacting them when I moved out.

  2. Yes, with 800 a family of 4 can be done, uncomfortable for some, but really go you. I support all of it. Especially home birth, where I'm sure it happened in a dark room where the babies could feel more at peace than having a light shining into their faces first thing.

    I could rant right now. I won't, I'm busy.

  3. Good luck!