Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I just came back from one of our local self-reliant community meetings. I'm actually hiding out in the car; I dropped a friend off at her place while Nebberz stayed at home and watched the kids.... they don't know I'm home yet. :P

But I thought I should write a blog post, and the chances of that happening once I walk in the door will decrease dramatically.


Ev Bouge (I talk about him all the time on here, but really he's the biggest inspiration for me to start this blog) shared a quote from Seth Godin that resonates with me, and the reason I started this blog:

“Ideas in secret die. They need light and air or they starve to death.” 

I've really felt compelled to share my ideas lately. But I'm new at it.

My whole life, I've always been the quiet person. Always nice and easy to talk to and cute, but always quiet. I really haven't had very many close friends, because I was a great listener, but I don't think people really connected with me because I never really shared ideas or thoughts or opinions. Well, I suppose I did, but they weren't always totally my own.

I've been a great chameleon throughout my life. I literally get lost in the people around me and lost in whatever job I do. I am them, or I am that job. Which can be great. I've always been there to give 100% and serve 100%, whatever anyone needs. I will totally fill that void.

But, you know, I don't think that's really the healthiest thing for me anymore.

Here I am, with a husband (who I'm not officially married to) and two kids, and I, like countless other women out there, I'm sure, have found myself scrambling to be "mom" and "wife" but also "totally awesome girlfriend" and "gamer girl" and "transcriptionist" and "cook" -- just all these different things, that are all just fine in and of themselves, but they are not "me."

So now, here I am. This is "me," trying to find my voice. Learning to share my ideas. Because I really think the world needs them. I have really, really great ideas. And, for the first time in my life, I'm sharing them.

You know, I've always believed in the butterfly effect, and just smiling at the right person at the right time can end a war or something. Similarly, sharing my ideas, whether others think they are good or bad, can potentially change the world. I mean really. Isn't it Gandhi who said-

"Be the change you want to see."

It's my responsibility, as a human being, to share my ideas. No one else has my ideas. They might have similar ones, but they don't have mine, maybe just worded a little differently, or maybe an idea that can only be thought after all of the specific events that have occurred in my life. Maybe I can make a connection somewhere where someone else hasn't.

I don't know what my great ideas are- the ones that the world needs, anyway.

Nor do I really know how to translate them from whatever language my little idea brain uses to something that makes sense in a written or spoken format. For some reason, whenever I try to share personal things, I have great difficulty with word-finding; however, when I just act as I'm supposed to, in my chameleon state, words come much more effortlessly. Perhaps that's just because things you are supposed to say are just huge memes, but original human thought actually has to be translated into English or whatever language you are speaking. What do you think?

So we'll find out - join me on my pilgrimage of idea-sharing, make conversation, and we'll see if it takes us anywhere. :)


  1. share whatever you will, it's your blog. :)

  2. There is just so much in our thoughts that goes on "below the surface." I think its really interesting to think about the butterfly effect like you talked about, but as a whole on your article, I really think that even expressing yourself on a few people, not just the world, makes a difference.


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  4. Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog. Pleased to meet you. You have a great blog yourself. Very neat concept.

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  5. Ahhh I was there once! Looking up words is a good way to get your thoughts out, once I expanded my vocabulary I started feeling more comfortable. Are you following -E-? Blog called Mount Aenos, it has words, it helps me out slightly. New words make me happy xD

  6. I was just thinking on this same subject today. I hope you can find the words to relay your ideas. They will help someone who needs it.