Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Train of Thought Writing

Well, dammit. I was going to attempt to do some timed writing of whatever just decides to spill out of my brain. I got all excited to use Ommwriter, because I haven't used it, but I always wanted a reason to. But this computer is a bit lacking and makes it clunky... and I thought they had a timer! But I see no timer! So, I'll just write in Blogspot's little "new post window" and try not to type for too long. Because I can probably go on forever.

FIRST! I want to thank Byakuya for asking a tough question on my last post... which I still fully intend to answer. :D So please visit one or all of his blogs here.

SECOND! Well since I'm praising my commenters,  D4 really needs some for his ultra-supportive comment. :D Yes the home birth happened in a dark room, and it was so quiet and calm and great! Still so happy about that - one of the best things in my life for sure. (Still need to write birth stories OMG!) Anyway, please give D4's wonderful blog, D4 and Music a visit and learn a thing or two. ^_~


Oooohhh... smileys. And abbreviations (not the word I'm looking for but close enough). But you know. Stuff.  Like "OMG" and ":D" and "oooohhhhh." They are so eager to creep into my writing!!! But I don't really want them there. Because I'm SERIOUS. lol. See, there I go again! I'm sure there's a way to convey my feelings with simply real words.

But then again, "LMAO" will be an accepted "word" someday soon, I'm sure. Us Grammar Nazis (I do consider myself one, although I break the rules all the time LOL) have a hard time understanding that language is alive and fluid and it is constantly changing. I don't know how the Veteran Grammar Nazis do it. They have already lived through so many "rule changes" - how do they adapt so fast? Of course there are plenty that don't make it through the rule changes, and they just sit in a dark corner of their house for the rest of their lives, crying about how everyone is stupid.

Okay not really, actually. I hope.

I was going to mention that I think there is a much better name for what I'm doing than "Train of Thought Writing."  It totally left me once I sat down to type, though. Which is frustrating.

I'm actually a bit nervous about doing this blog. Mostly because my goal is transparency. And there's a lot of things that I don't necessarily want people to know about myself. Mostly I'm just afraid I'm boring or some conjuration of "not good enough." Which is annoying. And also I don't really want certain people knowing certain things about me (my family + my sex life?).

But all my life, all I've wanted was just the ability to BE MYSELF. Unapologetically, just ME. That's not to say that I would otherwise be apologetic. Ha. But I've always been so caught up in all of the rules and the "shoulds" and the "shouldn'ts" and, certainly not least of all, my desire to make everyone happy.

The internet has really been great in this regard - to see just HOW IMPOSSIBLE it is to make everyone happy. There's ALWAYS haters. No matter how great of a thing you are doing. The whole Food Not Bombs Florida Feeding Bans recently is a great example. There are countless examples...!

That reminds me, I have a friend with the perfect photo to use for this post. Hopefully she is fine with it. :S Tell me if you're not, girl... and I will totally take it off...

Take it off of my blog I mean. Not my clothes... Not 'till I'm as aesthetic as you at least. :D


  1. You seem really happy o.o and be as transparent as you can allow yourself to be! Don't force it, the process just happens. :)

  2. this blog is beautiful! i had to save the background :)

    I don't like sharing a lot about myself either but there is some excitement to being public on the internet. It's a different kind of natural high.

    I love D4 too! He always leaves great comments, what an awesome guy :)

    almost naked picture gettin me excited :O

  3. I hope you don't consider me one of those haters! I didn't mean to put my question in such a way =P

    I'm not trying to dig your way of life I respect your decision.

  4. But...but...>I'M< a professional hater!!! 8D