Thursday, November 10, 2011

Music Monday :: Hollyweerd "I Wanna Meet Her"

I listen to more than just hip hop and electronic music, I swear!

I found out about Hollyweerd from Adult Swim's ATL Remix album. You can listen to and download the whole thing here!

I really, really, really love their song, "Weerdo," and I think you should go listen to it (it's the last song on the playlist here, but you can find it on youtube, or buy it from Hollyweerd somewhere, or whatev.)

But, I came across the video below, and I love their live performance. I wanna go to a show like this. Have you been to any shows like this??? I need to go see more music! <3


  1. This is actually excellent stuff, wow. I love this.

  2. Sounds good! (also I hope you make more videos or at lest figure out you password!)

  3. I have, and I can honestly say they're the best. Small little venues with like a 500 people max are my favorites. Especially when they fill up.

  4. Closest thing I've been to like this is Video Games Live. :P

  5. interesting music gonna check them out