Saturday, November 19, 2011


So I thought I'd make a post about what I'm doing #rightnow.

Oh yeah, I used hashtags in a blog post, I'm cool.

So, I wanted to listen to the Lunatic Pope's CD. D4 pointed out that PCs usually have CD drives (thank you, captain obvious :D), and while we have 2 PCs on in the house (what a waste of energy, considering no one ever uses one of them - it's just on so the printer will work XD) - the one we don't use doesn't have any headphones or speakers hooked up and the other one Nebberz has been using to play Skyrim (and plus it's in the living room and I wasn't really sure if it would be kid-friendly). And yes I do mainly use a netbook. Although I do have an external disc drive I could use... but that sounds like a lot of work. :)

I escaped the house alone to listen in the car, and then go write this blog post somewhere! XD Then I re-realized that I actually like listening to amateur musicians. I like imagining them in their garages or next to the computers just rockin' out, and it's just so freakin' cute. Most of the time.
I'll write a preliminary review for my next post. ^_^

I got off-topic on the "right now" stuff though.

So, it's not quite as "right now" as a live feed I guess. More like "recently happened." But really you don't come to Blogger to get instant updates anyway, that's what social networking is for. By the way, why don't you follow me on Twitter? There's a widget over there somewhere with clickables --->

Speaking of Twitter, the LovelyZena is like the only person who keeps me coming back to Twitter because she tags me and responds to me occasionally. But I'm awkward so I respond to her responses by mentioning her on my blog. I actually found here here on Blogger though. She's got the awesomest blog evar: She's the Real Queen of Horror. Go follow and comment her because she's cute! :D

So I've been spending a lot of time on Instagram, collecting followers for some strange reason. Just seems like fun, I suppose. Maybe an ego boost. At this moment, I am perhaps more narcissistic than I've ever been. Overall, I'm still not very narcissistic; it's just to the extent of my photos. Boy, my confidence is boosted though. XD

Anyway, I love the #rightnow aspect of Instagram. I love pictures. I love perspectives. And, I dunno, there's just something cool about knowing what your friends are looking at #rightnow. It makes you feel connected. Even though you're not. And maybe you should really be connected and not just use technology to make you feel less alone. But that's what it's therefore isn't it? That's why everyone has it! Maybe. And not that any more than 1/4 of pictures posted on there were actually taken that very second.

Right, digressing again.

Onto pictures I posted to Instagram #rightnow (30 minutes ago).

That's right, I take pictures alone in grocery store bathrooms and post them on the internet.
U mad?

I decided to go to Safeway, a grocery store for those of you who don't know, because they have a Starbucks and wifi in there. And this Safeway is on the hill, where are the stuck-up people go to shop. Not that they are the most stuck up people I've ever encountered, this is the Pacific Northwest, after all.

I hate Safeway. They have shitty prices, shitty produce, and a shitty selection. They do a really good job of looking pristine and perfect though. They would have a Starbucks. Doesn't like every store have a Starbucks now though?

I got some hipster zen green tea and a piece of banana bread from the Barbie Doll Barista. Not a pretty new exciting Barbie Doll, mind you, just... notably plastic. She presented herself as personality-less and preoccupied with herself. But she wasn't overly rude or anything. I don't really like going to these sorts of places, or supporting them. I like friendly community places with nice people. But how would I get blog posts done there? The group of popular teenagers who were sitting next to me, being all cute and teenager-y (I used to despise teenagers, but now, probably because of my newfound narccissism and ego boosting, I think they're cute.) was much less of a distraction than people I'm genuinely interested in and want to get to know better would be at the bestest underground elitist coffee shops. And even less of a distraction than that parenthetical remark and confusing verbiage.

I love my hipster food & beverage though. I'm such an elitist about food.

There's the cute little Starbucks, behind the derp scratching his lotto tickets. I kinda wanna get into candid photography. This is actually my best candid, street-photographyish shot so far, I think. ^_^

This is the perfect place for me to give a shout out to one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram, the Candid Camera Man. He posts awesome photos he takes of strangers on the street and gives awesome advice to help others make awesome photos, too. What a cool dude.

Well, I'm out of stuff to write. :) Hope you enjoyed my #rightnow photos that are already like an hour old. >_<



  1. Random Fact in da Comments: There is ALWAYS some random guy buying a bouquet of flowers at Safeway.

  2. I like being captain obvious. Actually, I mentioned that because I myself have forgotten before. I'm usually on a netbook. Plus, who uses cd's anymore. COUGH.

    Pictures at grocery bathroom is weird.

    Food hipster made me giggle. Thank you for making me giggle!

  3. You went to a place that had Starbucks, you were bound to meet stuck up people. I love hearing stories of musicians doing amazing things to get the sound they want, like putting a microphone in a washing machine, and I just think it's amazing how they came up with the ideas, and very creative too.

  4. Interesting to know what you do. :) Twitter

  5. have a nice sunday, camera girl :)

  6. @D4 you're welcome :D I'm okay with being weird. ^_^

  7. Yeah they do have Starbucks in them BUT don't work at them, ever.

    My sister does and she can't get tips, free drinks, union fees, blah blah blah.

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love twitter as well, I have the best time on there. I'm getting my son Skyrim for Christmas. It looks really good.

  9. Great post! I love listening to ametur musicans! I use to buy CDs from second hand stores done by ametures and listen to them! When you said you where thinking of them rocking out making music I thought of you sitting typing and rocking out on blogging!
    I can't figure twitter out. Thats how you know your old.
    Awesome pictures! I can just see someone making a coffee book about pictures taken in grosery store bathrooms!
    Your in the pasific northwest (of the USA)? Cool I'm in the pasific southwest of Canada! We're neighbours!