Saturday, September 17, 2011

Getting Girlier Every Day....

On a whim, I decided to do my hair today. I might as well before I get rid of these curlers that are so rarely used. They take up a lot of space!  It would have looked better if I had washed my hair first, but I didn't feel like waiting for it to dry. My hair dryer caught on fire over a year ago and I never got a new one... >_< I'm becoming so girly though, I might have to get another one. :D  And MAKEUP! I am kind of against makeup, because I don't like fake. But I DO really love to play dress-up. :D And I have to practice being pretty for our wedding day potluck. :D


anybody want these? i'm getting rid of them

hair before

oh  man i need to re-learn makeup :/

put the rollers in and THEN find the directions... hmmm 

LOL i don't know what i'm doing... this is what it looked like when i took the rollers out

fluffed my hair a bit :D 

and done! yay :D


  1. Yes. You're getting girlier. Congrats! xD

  2. As I am son and servant to your will. Supporting!

  3. lol I see Mr Jack House is here with its spam...

  4. I dont consider myself all too girly either :B you look nice though!

  5. It looks nice, glad you enjoy taking care of yourself :)

  6. I always offer to do my fiance's makeup for her. I've never done it before, but something tells me she'd be getting all the looks that day.


    You tell yer man he's a lucky dude. Period.

    'Cuz unnnnnnnnngh, if it wasn't for the fact that I respect your posts, your wit and humor, I'd be pickin' up on you now with cheesy one-liners.

    "AY BABAY, what's yo numbah girl? Ay, you fell from heaven, 'cuz yo daddy's a thief! He must be a meat burglar 'cuz it looks like you got two fine hams down the back of yo dress!"

    Naw, my comments aren't THAT bad...but I always find that combination of funny to be a good 'un to joke around with.