Monday, September 19, 2011

A List! :D

Joel Runyon has an awesome blog, Blog of Impossible Things. He made a list of things he found "impossible" and then set out to do them. He just announced his new website, Impossible League.

Why not do this? Seriously.

I gotta get started on my Impossible List. I have a few ideas already. :D

Do you have any sort of life bucket list? If I get enough links to your guys' lists, I'll make a post with all of them!!! :)

  • Here's Joel's Impossible List... 
  • And the only other person I could think of (off the top of my head) who had a list is this other awesome chick,  co-founder of Shatterboxx - visit her blog at Nicole is Better -  and here's her list. :D


  1. Nice. I dunno about naming it the Impossible list though. Clearly not impossible.

  2. I'm forced to make them in my mind. I don't want people to read it >.>

  3. @D4~ That just makes me REALLY want to know what's on your list lol...

  4. I read his list! I've done things he hasn't done and hes done things I've never done!
    I had a list like this when I was 18. I completed it years ago (there wasn't much on it but it's nice to know I can now die happy!)

  5. I know some things that I want to to do before I die, don't want to write it down and make it official though ;_;

  6. I want to one day have enough money to build statues and buildings dedicated to ridiculous things.

  7. thats one weird ass picture, seems almost artsy x)

  8. I'm going to guess you did this picture by taking a photo then applying a special effect or two?

    An Impossible List? I dunno...mine are usually far-reaching beyond the human scope. Mostly fiction, really.

    Reckon an Impossible List should be based on what you could conceivably achieve if you gained a wish or something...?