Thursday, August 18, 2011

Do you use a word processor?

*This is a stream of consciousness post

It has become suddenly apparent to me that I haven't used a word processor in years. I feel kind of ridiculous writing up a blog post in Notepad, though. Restaurants without wifi FTL.

I messed around with Ommwriter for a few minutes, once. It was developed for Macs, I beleive, and only later did they come out with a Windows version. I used it on Windows and... I don't know if it just didn't match the OS or if I just didn't like the program.

I should try it on my hackintosh, though. I'm writing this on my little MSI Wind notebook.. the perfect build to make a hackintosh. It's a dual OS notebook, now. I rarely ever boot into the Mac side, though. I don't really know much about Macs... I think there's a name for this specific hackintosh, and I know the operating system has a name... Snow Leapord? Using Windows operating systems so long... it's not terribly difficult to use a Mac, but it does seem to be a little counterintuitive.

Do Macs even come with word processors? They must... it's just so funny how much I don't know about it.

Lately, though, if I feel the need to create a document, I've just been using Google Docs, which I really, really like, actually! I absolutely love the ability to share with people and the ability to access my files from any computer without having to do any extra setup or anything. Stuff like this makes me really excited about "the cloud" and intrigued about Google's new internet-only Chromebook. Have any of you had the chance to play with it?

If you love Google so much, why don't you just get a tattoo??

But when you don't have wifi access... :(


  1. I use open office, because it's the best, and it's free.

  2. Macs do come with their own word processor but it's a piece of garbage and I'd recommend using something else.

  3. If you wanna write, I say stick to PC's. It's simpler. Also, notepad is for the best, just about anything else will tag the code along with it and change the font/font color of your post and just make everything that much more difficult.

    I also want to play with a Chromebook pretty bad, yes >_<

  4. I think they're expensive for what they are, a glorified internet reader with a keyboard for 400+ isn't really my cup of tea but I'm sure it's a great tool for blogging out of your local Starbucks instead of the house. I still use Word for everything, despite the cost, office is really a great bunch of tools. I just wish they'd be more innovative with new things. Same goes for adobe...lets re-release photoshop with 2 new features for a few hundred dollars every couple years, gotta love marketing and needing hte newest toys.

  5. Huge google fan here. You just can't beat their service(s).

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