Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Effin Applebees

*This is a Stream of Consciousness Post

Boy, am I going to be in trouble.

It's my first day at "work."

"Work" means me leaving the house to do internet stuff. Which, I know, doesn't really sound like work.

I thought I'd start off my new "job" with a bang, and go to Applebees and get alcohol. (*gasp* OMG!) But I can't not get food, right? So why not order a salad and veggies... *sigh*

So, to recap, my "job" involves getting drunk and spending like $20 on crappily made things. While I'm unemployed and not necessarily EVER getting a paycheck from doing this.

Hence why I'm going to be in trouble. :)

In the future, I'll probably just go to a coffee place or local bar (like this one that used to host LAN parties and 360 tournaments). Applebees doesn't even have wifi. I mean what the hell.

Last time we went to Applebees we were shocked at how expensive they were. Have they increased their prices? I mean, they aren't as good as Olive Garden or anything (not that Olive Garden is that great...), why do they have the same prices? We got nachos... turns out it's really difficult to get vegetarian nachos at Applebees... and they still taste gross. I guess I just have a thing against having chips in my salt and velveeta for effin $10. We DID get a free sundae out of it, though... not that we really wanted one. Our server was nice, at least.

This time, I'm diggin the Sangria, they didn't mess up their steamed veggies... and I haven't tried the salad yet. (*edit-  The salad... totally had bacon on it. WIN for a lot of people, but TOTAL FAIL for vegetarians :/  I mean, he didn't even ask!)  But seriously overpriced. The server's nice again though. But I mean, if your server isn't nice, you should probably just leave.

I wish I hadn't ordered the food so soon though, but I feel weird just coming here to drink. I was hoping to get a buzz. Totally a noob at bar stuff, or really alcohol in general. This is only my second sangria. I effin love sangria though. Guess it's just too much work to do at home. :P

I find it cute that two other solitary women have sat to either side of me in the little bar area, though. It's like we're having a girls night out without talking or making eye contact or anything. :D Not that we're sitting *next* to each other - god forbid - no, we're each sitting at our own table... 4 chairs to each of us, lol. I must admit they are small tables, though.


  1. I guess they employ really good help to balance out the crappy food. Last time I went there,r Summer, my waitress, went above and beyond to make sure we were happy.

  2. Sangrias are tasty. Sangrias and mojitos are what I lead to if I'm going taste-wise. But if you eat so soon, you won't get a buzz! Just say you're waiting for the hunger to kick in with the buzz or something >.>

    Also, getting in trouble rocks doesn't it?

  3. that's a funny mental image, the silent girls night!

  4. It's a place with curbside service, what can you expect? ;) And with the vegetarian nachos, I don't think I've ever had nachos where I didn't have to specifically ask for a certain type of meat and pay an extra 2-3 dollars for it, then again i usually only get nachos at Mexican places that give you way too much food to begin with.

  5. nice post :P
    i saw the picture and I was hungry

  6. Yeaaaaaah I ain't one for Applebees if I can help it. Sometimes I gotta admit, I'm all "DUDE WE SHOULD TOTALLY GO TO APPLEBEES!" but it never seems to match up, the quality and quantity to price.

    I dunno, if I go to Shari's (a local Denny's knockoff) or, hell, Denny's or even IHOP...I get what I pay for, y'knowwhatImean?

    But Applebees never seems to square up. I dunno...maybe it's 'cuz I expect more? Or they simply don't live up to the standard...well, ANY kind of standard?

  7. A restaurant with no wifi? That's like the Dark Ages.