Friday, August 19, 2011

Practice Your Time Management Skeelz

*This is a stream of consciousness post

Okay, so it's time to bring some order to our lives. This is really just for me but I'm sharing anyway - maybe it can help you too :D

Let's make a schedule.

totally incomplete

  • Go to bed earlier! This has always been an issue with me. :)
  • After the sun goes down, don't turn on bright lights so our puny human brains know it's going to be time to go to bed soon.
  • Bedtime is listed at 10:00, but that doesn't necessarily mean sleeping at that time. It means no more playing, no more computer, no more cleaning. I'm done for the day - only relaxing things are allowed like taking a bath or reading an actual physical book.
  • Hopefully I can start waking up before everyone else, but I'm not crossing my fingers on this one. With my "bedtime" being so early, I won't be suprised if the baby's bedtime will also be affected, which will of course affect his wake-up time. Hopefully he starts sleeping through the night on his own. Older kid does a good job with his sleeping for the most part. :D
  • Start restricting my sink time on the internet. Facebook, Twitter, G+ are all going to get restricted... no more than an hour a day for all three? Not sure. That sounds like so much time. Maybe I should confine FB usage to the ipod and reduce the rest to half an hour? I don't know, this one is a toughie. 
  • Figure out how much time I would like to spend working. 2 hours a day isn't going to cut it. How do I want to organize it? 

Here's some of what I have to get done:
- write blog posts
- comment on blogs
- blog maintenance etc
- make a whole NEW blog with EXCITING giveaways
- do all the stuff that that blog is associated with...
- list things for sale on ebay
- sell non-ebay items (too big etc) on craigslist or at a consignment store
- figure out some sort of craft to make things to sell, maybe
- take a bellydancing class or maybe kickboxing...

I know I'm forgetting things...


  1. The never ending list of things todo and the schedule that never quite accommodates them. I know this phenomena all too well. By the way nice font ;)

  2. Ah procrastination, the modern day plague. I always tell my self I'll just be another ten minutes on FB/stumble etc. and end up spending 2 more hours doing nothing.

  3. You seem to be putting your life in order! Good for you! I to have a bed time and a schedual for how long I do what!

  4. Belly dancing or kick boxing. This is an odd mix of decisions since they're so different. Tomboy side having issues with the girly side? o.o

  5. love the idea for "bed time" i need a no more computer time! and ill just pass out haha

  6. haha endless list of tasks
    nice post

  7. You gods that made me man, and sway in love.

  8. Meh, I just plough through the day in the (usually successful) attempt to get everything I need to be done...well, done.

    Sometimes though, all my day planner says is, "LOLINTERNET!" or if I ask it if I have anything to do, it says "NO PLAY VIDYUH GAEMS/WATCH MOVIES!"

    I have been keeping an exercise diary though...and I've kept to a pretty set schedule up until this week. This week has just been all 'bout dat stress.

  9. Yeah I really like lists and schedules. I'm usually using notepads or whiteboards to keep up w/ my many to do lists.