Monday, March 7, 2011

Who tha fuck is Mike Dahlquist?

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Who. The fuck.  Is Mike Dahlquist?

MikeDiva a.k.a. Mike Dahlquist

I don't know. Somebody tell me, please.

I mean, I've been aware of his existence in the world for a while now, ever since back when he made a video for Mindless Self-Indugence's "Straight To Video" contest...

He calls himself MikeDiva on youtube, and I noticed he's in a band that's really similar to MSI. At least they are similar on my first impression. And, I mean, that's good... but I'm not really interested in listening to someone who sounds just like MSI when MSI already exists for when I want to hear something like MSI.

Are you following me?

And then I noticed when he made this video, which was really funny before he had to switch the audio tracks because of *copyright violation*. It's actually still interesting with the royalty-free song that he picked.

Well, it may have been funny, or maybe I just have a memory of it being awesome because of boobs.

Mr. Diva said, "EDIT: Jewtube took this video down because it used the song "Fergalicious", Videos of little girls singing this song in their bedrooms are okay, but apparently puppies and singing heads on breasts aren't.. Sooo I had to swap it with one of Youtube's shitty royalty free songs. Enjoy."

That youtube, always fuckin' with the videos...

Not too long ago, I went back to watch that "Straight to Video" video again, 'cause hey - I was in the mood to listen to MSI, why not watch an awesome video??

And then I noticed...

Sexy Sax Man.

This guy, Sergio Flores, apparently helped inspire the SNL digital short, "The Curse" (this was probably the beginning, but you have to admit Andy Samberg brings a certain something in the SNL video). Hilarious video; I think MikeDiva's is beast.

But then, today, I noticed that MikeDiva actually directed one of Mindless Self-Indulgence's more recent videos. I must be way the fuck behind the times, because it's apparently from 2009. =|  Gotta working on getting ahead of those fuckin' Jones's.

But anyway, this MikeDiva (a.k.a. Mike Dahlquist) guy went from being a runner up in a MSI contest to actually directing one of their videos? And it's a fucking badass video, too. Probably not the best video of mankind, but a pretty good fuckin' video. (And by the way, why do I not have this MSI album...? Why have I not been keeping up with this?! D=<)

Here's the excerpt with some funny behind the scenes footage:

And here's Mindless Self-Indulgence's full video for "I'm on Crack."


Apparently it's by The Left Rights, but msivideo has the rights to the song? Looks like I have a new group to research...!

And apparently Asian people love gum.

So, enough with the videos. Back to the point.

Who the fuck is Mike Dahlquist??

This guy seems to be having TONS OF FUCKING FUN doing what he's magnificently good at, and he's probably making bank because of it. Isn't that what we all want to do? It for sure is what I want to damn do. Why is he so good? He obviously works hard as fuck. Puts up a new video every other Monday? I can hardly write a shitty blog post every day, I can't imagine making a video of the caliber I see on his youtube channel, even if it's only every other week... and to do that while simultaneously directing/co-directing other videos such as this??? Does he, like, pay someone to do all this shit for him???

In my quest to figure out who the fuck Mike Dahlquist is, I came across this Wikipedia page on Michael Dahlquist, where it states Mr. Dahlquist graduated high school the year I was born. Duh, he's older, that's why he's so fucking smart and successful. But he looks so young! Eh, must be the crazy stuff he wears.  Yep... he was in a band... Yep, he could talk his way into an imaging software job... Yep, it totally makes sense he's from Seattle.

Wait.  He died in a car accident in 2005!


That's not the fucking Mike Dahlquist I was looking for!


I want to know who the fuck Mike Dahlquist is!

I do, however, think it's funny that the picture on MikeDiva's website is of him bleeding in the middle of the street, perhaps playing off the death of the other semi-famous person I ran into with the same name. Sweet and dark and funny all at the same time. =D

Maybe someday I'll get around to asking Mike who the fuck he thinks he is, or watch all his videos, or look on his MySpace page. (Fuck MySpace, I'm so over that shit. Although my MySpace page is still up. I should delete that someday.).

Fyi~ We didn't get that Tiny House. Didn't even get to see it! =(  Someone bought it with cash for the full asking price the night before we were going to take the 2-hour drive to see it. Dammit. At least I woke up early today?

I still need to do my fucking taxes.


  1. woop woop commenting fixed! :D

  2. Hahah, great post. I like your blog a lot. I'll be sure to return.

    I hope you find out who he is one day.

  3. woah pretty long post... anyway following

  4. Ok I read that whole post and my head is full of fuck now. :S

  5. if you want to fuck him, just tell him.

  6. Mike Dahlquist is Mike Diva.

  7. PS. Asian people love GOLF... Golf... not gum.

  8. Okay, so I don't know who he actually is but he does make good videos. Give the one for Peter Pepper (from Retard-O-Bot) a look too, it's pretty fucking amazing.

    As for the Left Rights, it's a side project. Jim and Steve off their faces in the recording studio on their own. They have two albums that basically sounds like the stuff they couldn't get away with and still call MSI a "serious" band. Thing is, some of it is just as good...

  9. Thanks for all the info, anon. =D I guess Asian people loving golf makes a bit more sense, LOL.