Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Strange Things

I just asked Nebberz, "I wonder how many times of me hitting you it would take before you cried."

I'm against the overuse of antibiotics, but our family has had antibiotics twice in the past 6 months.

Similarly, I did a report the other day where a kid was run over by a car. He belonged to a family of Jehovah's witnesses, who are adamantly against blood transfusions for religious purposes; however, when the doctors said this elementary school kid needed a blood transfusion to live, the family immediately agreed to it. Wonder how that makes their religiousness feel, and how he will feel growing up (if he did, indeed, survive).

I got a message on Facebook after posting a link to my last post here entitled "Flirting from your comment," quoting what I had said about the post,"I was in a blasphemous mood tonight, please forgive me if it offends you =D" that goes on to say, "Apology accepted, but to be frank, young lady, it made me hawt! LOL"

That's enough strangeness... I'm going to go make (and eat) some raw (eggless) cookie dough...
(image from adashofcompassion.com)


  1. That's just random, but strange things indeed.

  2. Strange indeed, but that cookie dough looks delicious.

  3. Great post, these would be amazing with a bit of Hash in them =P

  4. indeed that was some strangeness e__e

  5. Eating cookie dough with raw eggs in it is awesome. It's like a tasty version of russian roulette.