Friday, March 11, 2011

12 Most Amazing Websites I've Used (in my opinion)

Nebberz here again with my 2nd post! Last time I focused on Ninite which is one of my favorite websites, this time I will take a more general look at some of the best websites I've come across.

Reddit -

User-submitted news. Users vote for front page stories.

AlternativeTo -

Easily find alternatives to software you use. Users submit and vote on the best alternatives.

File Hippo -

Quality freeware/shareware. Very simple interface. They also include older versions of software.

Slickdeals -

Community working together to find deals and bargains.

Ninite -

One download = Fully automated installation of multiple apps of your choosing. No toolbars allowed! Extremely simple.

Newgrounds -

User-generated flash videos/games. Users vote for the top stuff.

Crucial System Scanner -

Quickly find out what type of RAM your computer has/needs. Upgrades made easy!

Earth Clinic -

Users vote with "yeas" and "nays" for common remedies. Worked for me a number of times!

Monoprice -

Why pay $30-$50 for cables when it could instead be $0.30 - $0.50 for the same quality? No, really. Why would you do that?

Aviary -

Image editor, music creator, effects editor, vector editor all from within your browser!

Snopes -

Easily research the latest misinformation, myths and hoaxes making the internet rounds.

Stumbleupon -

Find websites based on your preferences and interests.

This list ignored the too-obvious or those I felt were not living up to their full potential. For example: Amazon, Google, Ebay, Craigslist, Wikipedia, Youtube, Twitter,, Paypal, and the whole blogosphere.

Do you have websites that have transformed your life or how you use the internet?


  1. great list, i use many of them as well

  2. TED: Ideas worth spreading -

    Massive gathering of videos of great people sharing great ideas. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, but there is SO much more than that.


  3. Woah Earth Clinic is pretty cool, thanks for the new bookmark!

  4. Haha, I remember when Newgrounds was basically the entire internet for me. That and Yahoo pool.

  5. That's a comprehensive list. I love Reddit so dam much

  6. nice list, I use like half of them.

  7. Well, I used to browse TvTropes a lot too.

  8. Im a daily visitor to Slickdeals. They have some pretty sweet deals there now and then. Following your blog btw.

  9. wow you got some amazing stuff here. but what about tumblr??

  10. Thanks for the feedback! Tumblr falls under the blogosphere which I noted I was ignoring for this list.

    Your welcome Joeypo, hope it helps out!

    Thespian...agreed, but add Worms2 to the list for me. (: