Saturday, March 12, 2011

As Cold as it Gets, We'll Keep Your Winter Afloat

Here are a couple of videos for your viewing pleasure today.

I've been in the mood for Sage Francis lately... Normally I like to listen to things that make me feel a little happier to be alive, but when I'm frustrated, stuff like this feels good. Only had this DangerDoom CD in the car, though:

Sage Francis kind of reminds me of a vulgar Mitch Hedberg in this track. The best part, though, is this quote: "Fuck a fickle fanbase/stuck a middle finger in their damn face/Does the pinnacle of my hand taste/dirty like the suggested gesture?" It reminded me of you guys. <3

"Garden Gnomes" Danger Mouse & Sage Francis

Then I have this one, featuring Brother Ali and Slug: "Together at last! Like cocks and cunts!"
"Doomage" Non-Prophets w/ Brother Ali and Slug - Produced by MF Doom

I have a certain affinity for Slug (from Atmosphere), because wayy back before I even knew there was all this AWESOME underground Hip Hop music (like, 10 effin years ago already), I happened upon a lucky track that helped me through some tough times. Although I'm not like a Slug groupie or anything, I think his music's alright. This song is like part of my DNA or something, though.

BONUS VIDEO: "Modern Man's Hustle" Atmosphere

That was an especially great live performance - definitely worth posting - from back in the early days.


Epic content shall resume in a week or two - until our baby recovers from the stupid faggot ear infection for which we are giving stupid faggot antibiotics which are causing EXTREMELY stupid faggot diaper rashes. So hooray, instead of writing, I get to wash cloth diapers and clothes covered with pink medicine, because our son doesn't want to swallow faggot antibiotics. -_-


  1. Danger Mouse is a sick producer, I was introduced to him through MF Doom in Dangerdoom just likse I assume you were.

    I also have huge respect for MF Doom, I think his work is great.

    I'm not really into Brother Ali though... At all...

  2. amazing tracks! keep it coming

  3. Would be nice to hear this in December.

  4. loving the the doomage track. That songs soo wack.