Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pyzam Layout Poll

The results of the poll are in, so here's a Pyzam layout!

  • 66% of voters voted 'yes' for Pyzam layouts
  • Two people voted 'maybe'
  • And one person voted 'no'

My apologies go out to the person who voted 'no,' and also to Nebberz, who was not included in the selection process.

Even better news is that this isn't permanent! I like it, but not that much. Only slightly more than the Blogger layout I had before. Having any sort of default layouts just grates against the essence of my being. Pre-made layouts... okay they still grate against the essence of my being, but not as much. 

I was going to make the layouts the same on Technicolor Typecast and TTD (Technicolor Typecast Daily) in order to have some continuity, but... I'd like to keep TT a little bit more... clean, I suppose? We're strange and dirty here at TTD. =D

So, if you have any suggestions for layouts in the interim, suggest away! (That means you, too, Nebberz ;)


This weekend: 
  • I have to work on a post for TT about our self-reliant community group
  • Work on a post about Life Dollars
  • Work all day Satuday
  • Come up for air on Saturday only to take Big T (that's our 7-year-old) to his basketball game (which, by the way, NBA 2K11 seems to be helping a lot!)
  • Go pay a visit to the Tiny Home we are possibly going to buy (yay!)

wow, this pyzam layout disabled the commenting system somehow. that's really lame. well, I'll have to work on fixing that then.... If you need to leave a comment, you can always do so on

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