Friday, March 2, 2012


The iPod is all I use to take pictures any more. It's just so... easy. And I'm in love with apps. Not the highest-quality, but fun. Found a gif creation app on iTunes. Turns out I can't read any of it but it's easy to figure out and awesome and FUN!! :D

I had to share them somewhere. Commence!

the shed at our old place

friends at Burial Grounds open mic night last night :D

best of xmas light display thingie back in December

the kids hanging out at the Self Reliant Community meeting last fall

playing with a strobe light :P

enjoying a birthday cupcake at a local cupcakery :)

Free birthday ice cream at The Old Spaghetti Factory; getting the ol' birthday serenade

couldn't pick a favorite so I made a few :)

drinking warm apple cider for the first time last fall :)



(couldn't pick a favorite on this one either :)

throwing rocks at the lake

saved the best for last
the first time he saw me in my dress on our wedding day :D


  1. hehee...these are fun!

  2. These are all so cool, I love them! That gif creator seems awesome to me.

  3. AW, that's an awesome app! Movable memories!

  4. AWWWWW, so much D'AAAAW everywhere!

    Y'know, I just put two and two together - Nebberz is a martial artist? If so, what does he practice? Just curious. :D

  5. These are all so cool and cute! I like the brothers one the best.

  6. The gifs look great! Now you'll have those memories as gifs forever!!