Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Music Monday :: Die Antwoord "I Fink U Freeky"

This post is made possible by Timothy Bowen. Please visit his website, A Lunatic Pope Dot Com.


Word Of The Day: Zef 

"Zef is a South African counter-culture movement. Die Antwoord's personas are said to be greatly influenced by Zef in their style"  

Read more about it in the link. Apparently South Africans don't like Ford, either. 


  1. Timmy is awesome! As is Die Anterwood! Awesome stuff as always.

  2. Well that was freaky. o.o

  3. OHHHHH SNAP, I know who you are on Faecbawks now~! :D


    I just posted on the same thread m'self, and couldn't but help to notice a certain someone mention "I just watched this video" and then a second post of "And now there's a midget next to me!"

    Holy crappizle, yo.

    ...I still say you should check out the explicit version of Evil Boy.

    I'm tellin' ya, what that music video needs? More penis.

  4. HOLY COW, this is totally FREEKY and I DON"T like it ALOT.

  5. This band is pretty damned unique. The Pope and that Bastard really know their stuff. I wasn't aware of their hatred of Ford. Interesting.