Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Favorite Question is "Why?"

Did everybody see the last post by Nebberz? It's only his second post on Technicolor Typecast (and maybe the whole blogosphere actually). Isn't he awesome? I'm sure we'll see more of him here... his favorite question is also "Why?" so he really enjoys trying to decipher song meanings. :D


But, alas, today is not Music Monday, so we've got something different.

I didn't think much of it at the time, but I saw a post on Reddit the other day. Oddly, though, it has kept popping up in my thoughts the past week or two, so I figured I'd share it:

"girls can wear jeans and cut their hair short
wear shirts and boots
because it's okay to be a boy
but for a boy to look like a girl is degrading
because you think being a girl is degrading"

Okay, it's just some crossdressing dude with text over the picture, making it look like an average Tumblr post, right?  Right.

Lately I've been getting ready for my wedding. And I lost my job in June, so I've been really questioning myself hard about what I want to do with my life. These things naturally lead me wondering Who I really am, What I would really like, and, of course, Why?

I'm still not even sure if I agree with the picture.

But I do LOVE reading the comments in the Reddit thread.

Interesting side note: The man pictured... is actually James Franco. Okay so I don't stay hip with the times and I know very little about Hollywood anymore, I had to look him up. Apparently he was in Pineapple Express. That was a really funny movie, but I have a tendency to forget entire movies after I watch them. I have to actually watch a clip and then the whole thing comes back to me. But I digress.

Here's a "normal" picture of our friend James Franco. GQ (short for "Gentleman's Quarterly," the male equivalent of Vogue) calls him "The Next James Dean." I have to admit he does look James Dean-ish...

Honestly, if James Dean were in his prime at this moment in time - I think he would dress in drag too.


  1. hahaha naaah, James Dean in a drag? Hardly think so. I know he whent through very very messed up stuff, but i doubt he would be cross dress or something.

  2. Firstly, that's James Franco up there?! Woah, I would've never ever guessed.

    Secondly. I don't agree with that picture. I was just thinking about it today, being a girl isn't degrading, it's uncomfortable and sometimes not healthy. I mean, I'd never stop a girl because I've never been in those shoes, but if it was socially acceptable I 'still' wouldn't wear heels nor wear makeup. I mean the thought of having a daughter someday and having her want to wear heels pains me, the spinal damage that stuff does in the long run.. WHY!?

    Men though, what do girls do when they dress like a "boy"? Jeans? T-shirt? Wait, of COURSE it's fine, it's comfortable!

    I'll stop before I rant on and on and on.

  3. Well there are some questions you don't get answers to, and those are probably some of them.

  4. Hehehe..Always fun to find out someone else is a redditor.

    Anyway, I think my favorite question is "wanna screw?"

    Or maybe "Have you heard the good news of Eris Discordia?"

  5. I don't really like Madonna, but I love that song. It seems to err to the feminist side, but it's true.

  6. male equivalent of Vogue? I'll skip this one ^^