Friday, September 9, 2011

Part of My Persona (I Forgot lulz)

I knew I was forgetting someone in last night's post! BUBBLES! :D

Certainly a very important aspect of My Persona.

What's your persona?


Also I wanted to share an awesome blog I found. You guys might already know of her, but Allebanna has a blog called These Things Are Relevant To My Interests. OMFG, she makes awesome T-shirts. And she apparently gives them away occasionally. :D This is one she made for a baby:

 I just found her, so I'll have to stick around and see what other awesomeness she is capable of. :D

I wanna get in the habit of making more shout-outs to awesome people, because you guys deserve it. :D

Like right now I'm listenting to some tracks Electric Addict has shared. As I mentioned in my first Music Monday post, I've got a special affinity for music blogs. Electric Addict has the upper hand because he often posts songs with minimal lyrics. :D


  1. Oh, that's the calmer side then? Lol

    And yay, I'mma follow :D

  2. Bubbles is awesome! I loved Power Puff Girls!!

  3. My beard defines who i am. My beard and both my hands that have been replaced by tools. Im a plumber not because i wanted to. I will get drunk on kosher wine and cry to sleep.

  4. I always felt the green one was better.
    Also Electric Addict's blog is great, one of my favorites.

  5. I can only be me, darlin'. 'S all I am, y'knowwhtImean?

    Of course I'd STILL rather be me from four years ago...God, if only I could go back in time.

    BUT, learn what lessons you may and bear your scars proudly! It's the only way to mentally and, perhaps, spiritually evolve, y'know?

  6. Power puff girls are awesome and i love the t-shirt . Electric addict's blog is great.

  7. I understand your persona better now!

    I follow Allebanna's blog too! She is very tallented!