Thursday, September 8, 2011

Music Mondays

Okay so I know it's not really Monday.  That's how it goes here at Technicolor Typecast though! Monday was 2 days ago, and I'm still not ready for it. Ah well, here goes anyway.

Back in my heyday, I was quite the audiophile. I used to read (and I mean read thoroughly) a handful of music magazines and listen intently to songs for hours a day on a daily basis. So I have been loving these music blogs I keep running into by you guys. It's got me a bit nostalgic, and I'm jelly. I wanna have a music blog too, *hmph.*

I wanted to make my first Music Monday post about the album Plastic Beach by The Gorillaz. It's one of my favorite albums. I was going to mention my trip to the Unemployment Office. It was quite an experience.

But I'm just not feeling that today. I'm feeling Mos Def's Umi Says.

I've been in a funk for the last day or two. Frustrated with being such a completionist at life. I only feel like I do things right if I do them like they are the most important thing ever. Unfortunately it's actually physically impossible to do that with 1,436 things. That's got me bummed.

I love songs with lyrics like this one. They are just so real and refreshing. I don't really like fluff or depressing stuff anymore. Everything I do, I want to make myself and the world better. That includes listening to music. So it's been hard to listen to music with lyrics for the past few years. You really have to dig for positive influences. But wow, once you do the work, there are so many songs with beautiful lyrics.

Shine your light on the world.... Shine your light for the world to see...


  1. I love Mos Def and everything he's ever done. He's the real deal in my book.

  2. MMMMMMMMM, Mos Def! Always a good choice for the ears.

    Y'know what? I KNOW it's Japanese, but there's this anime called Hellsing, right? Well the original run of it (it deviated from the original manga, you see, so they rebooted it and I have yet to see it since the original was just chock-full of great music) had these two soundtracks called "Ruins" and "Raid." It was one of those...well, two of those...albums that I'd pop in if I was going to do a commute from San Berdoo all the way to L.A. or Culver City or somethin'.

    Suffice it to say, it's pure ear crack-cocaine. Just so many good songs that are all out-there and hard to describe.

    I'll post 'em up sometime in the hopes that they please you and yer dude. :D He IS into music as well, riiight?

    I feel so friggin' bad 'cuz I haven't heard Plastic Beach yet. I don't even have an excuse, I just haven't had the time yet...and I'm a HUGE Gorrilaz fan.

    Heck, Gorillaz, Danger Mouse, MF Doom, Gnarles Barkley...pretty much anyone who has worked with or SHOULD work with Mos Def, y'knowwhatImean?

    Demon Days is still full of amazing and awesome, despite the departure of DM. Er...Mouse WAS workin' with them, right? I thought he was.

  3. Positive lyrics are hard to find right now, that's no doubt. At least good positive ones, but just like you say, once you've dug and found them they tend to be amazing. :)

    And yes. It's been a while since I hear some Mos Def, that's appreciated.

  4. I miss the old Mos Def. Oh No and Traveling man are some personal fav's. Even that album that came out in 04 (the new danger, or something?) was okay. Then he got all big on us :(

  5. Wait, wait, wait... Isn't this dude an actor?

  6. Mos Def is one of my favorite rappers

  7. The song you posted was nice.
    And I'd like to hear your review of the Gorillaz! Haven't heard that name in years!

  8. Great pick in song! I like Mos Def to, he is very soulful and always finds a way for people to feel apart of his lyrics.

    You'll get through your frustration. :)

  9. I am secretly in love with Mos Def. He's such an intellectual artist. He's a great actor too.

  10. @That Bastard~ That sounds magnificent!!! I don't think I've seen Hellsing but I don't doubt epic soundtracks :D

    @Msmariah~ YES. :D