Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Really a Short Post

I have such difficulty doing short, lite posts.

So my account got hacked... every month or so my gmail and my yahoo accounts get hacked. Thank Reggie Watts nothing bad happens, but the passwords just get changed. -_-  Luckily its relatively easy to remedy, it's just a pretty big annoyance. I think I'm going to start using KeePass to generate passwords for me.

Do you ever have problems with losing access to your accounts?

Anyway, it's 6:47 pm, I just woke up an hour ago (it's a snow day so I have an excuse ^_~), and I'm going to go make some Fucking Pancakes. Maybe I'll post the recipe some day.

First I'll go take a picture of the snow. I LOVE Instagram. (No, I am not a macfag... but I may have been bitten by one...)

Snow :D

Ruined the perfect snow :/
Man, I had to ruin the prefect snow for that picture. =/

6:59 and I got those pictures posted already with NO WIRES involved (and I did a couple of other things too =D)


  1. polaroid style photos are nice.

  2. I hate snow. We keep getting more and more of it here. Every time we think it's all melting it's all LOLJK BLIZZARD OVERNIGHT

  3. Pirateslovevikings2/24/2011 02:47:00 PM

    Sorry to hear about your e-mail accounts getting hacked. That totally sucks. Also, I dig the snow pictures! I have never seen snow but I think it is beautiful.

  4. So lucky! We were supposed to get snowed in last night but it never happened!

  5. Shelbys Shells2/24/2011 05:41:00 PM

    Oooh that's a different comment system. I like how we can be voted to the top or the bottom of the list. Cool addition! where'd you find it?

  6. @Shelbys Shells: haha, you're the only person who seems to like the comment system! it's from and it's free. I just removed it, but if my blog ever gets really big I might go back to using it. =)