Friday, August 12, 2011

On Writing Blog Posts

*This is a Stream of Consciousness post

When I have to stop writing a post for some reason, I have the hardest time getting back into it. I suppose it's possible, but yet to be done. I spent an hour or so on the post below, but I just can't get myself to finish it or get to the point or totally re-do it. So I'll just give you the raw words anyway. I'd hate for the time I spent to go to "waste."

Without further ado...

How to Be a Woman

Yesterday I had a wonderful day at a new friend's baby shower. I'm loving that I'm finally getting to know people after living in Washington State for a few years now. Talking to strangers is totally worth it.

The first part of the baby shower was "GIRLS ONLY." Most of my life I have scoffed at "girls only" or "boys only" things. I've always thought that the genders were EQUAL, simple as that, and it just isn't fair to not include people just because they are a different gender than you.

Now part of that was probably because I've always been what is commonly referred to as a "tomboy." I've always loved sports and building things and I'm extremely competitive. I've never been much of a fan of carrying around a purse or wearing makeup or chatting with my girlfriends. But I do still occasionally wear dresses and I have absolutely adored Hello Kitty ever since I was 12. I have even have a tattoo of a unicorn on my shoulder. :D

Being a quiet person, though, I've rarely been included in playing sports or video games or grueling labor, which has only intensified feelings of being "left out." Those are things I really love to do.

So you can imagine how I feel when I hear something is only for men or only for females.

But, since I've had my second son, I've started to feel a little different. I was a single mom when my first son was a baby, and I had always envisioned that men are just as capable to care for kids as women are. And I think they are, but they seem to have a completely different way to go about it. I've never seen a guy care for a kid the way I would.

It threw me off at first, when my second son was born. I expected Nebberz to do the same things as me, because I know he's my equal. But it was SO different.

So I've been questioning this "gender equality" thing recently, and I went to the baby shower with more of an open mind.

Belly Dancing.

The first part of the babyshower was belly dancing. That pretty much explains why it was girls only, lol.


  1. ANNNNNNND I started drooling at the words "belly dancing~!"

    Y'know, I honestly believe that both genders are equally deserving in respect but for various reasons. Honestly individuals vary no matter gender or looks or even thought processes (that one's just a total durrr), and it's their actions and experiences that determines what kind of a person they are.

    On the other hand each individual is also deserving of a degree. Some less than others, some not at all.

    With THAT stated, there are SOME things I'll never know and experience (even WITH advancements in biomedical and genetic technology), nor would I want to...and I'm certain vice versa.

    No, I'm a dude as I define dudes. Do I like flatulence? Jesus friggin' gawd no, but that's a stereotype. Can I appreciate a large, fat, sweaty muscle guy pulling a truck while scantily-clad cheerleaders cheer him on (preferrably with one holding a large triple cheeseburger of some kind in a shovel just out of reach)? Yes, yes I do.

    But that, too is a stereotype.

    We all fit into these molds, into these collections of stereotypes...and it's how we react to 'em that determines our character.

    After all, I know chicks who can truly appreciate and understand why it's so fun watching the Manthem commercial. On the other hand, I also know dudes who enjoy Sister Sledge.

    I'm just sayin'...I guess a rambling comment in exchange for your stream of consciousness post. But then again, isn't that all I do...?

    For the record, that Manthem commercial:

  2. I can relate on the finishing thing. More than once, I've made the mistake of not writing my posts in an external editor, just to accidentally delete what I've worked hours on. After that, it's really difficult to keep going.

  3. To get back into my posts, I hit the preview button and read it all. Then I just ask myself what went next. Dunno, works for me.

    And I get what you mean with female/males being equals, but there are some things that make us either or many times. Usually it can be overlooked but, in the case of belly dancing and where the minds would lead, well yeah lol

  4. The last paragraph made me sad. Its one thing to have woman only, but when the woman are doing something so cool like belly dancing, you just know guys are mad their missing it!

  5. When I was growing up my parents were polar opposites, in terms of parenting. My mom was the "let me kiss your boo boo" and my dad was the "shut up and man up" type and I always liked me dads way better he always made me earn things rather than give them to me. He made things fun by challenging me!

  6. Yes I find it's much easier to write when you've been keeping up with it and have momentum. Actually I made a post on it: Fight Laziness with Momentum, Create Creativity

    As for the gender topic, I believe everyone is equal, but different. In other words, people deserve treatment of the same calibre but not the same type. Some people just feel more comfortable with one gender in certain situations. And there still is a large physiological (duh) and psychological difference between men and women so your approach isn't going to always be the same, depending on the situation.


  7. This makes me want to learn to belly dance.