Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Made an offer on a Tiny House

Well, we made an offer on a tiny house last night. They are asking $19,500 OBO, but we offered $12,000 plus bartering/being awesome in general. It's a little tinier than we would like at about 300 square feet (LOL yes we might be insane), but there is a matching shed that adds another 100 square feet or so and maybe we can use that as an office. =D

it's pretty cute!
king size loft above; bathroom to the left; small bed to the right
front door on the left; kitchen on the right; another king-sized loft

It's north of Seattle though (we are currently thoroughly enjoying an hour south of Sea-town)... and it's in a trailer park. =|  But apparently it's a tiny trailer park (meaning, not too many trailers), and there's a pretty good view of Puget Sound.

We would have free rent on the land if we agreed to do some basic grounds-keeping and we would have free access to a laundry room as long as we keep it clean. WIN!

Yes, that is a pretty big drawback to this "RV," there's no washer/dryer unit. But, hey, possibly $12,000 and we OWN A HOME.... it's a start at least. =)

Oh, right, I suppose it bears mentioning that we are trying to get away from money. We are purposely low-income. It's a little bit of a struggle sometimes, but I think it's important for remembering what's really important in life. Maybe it's just a phase in our life and our kids are "lucky" enough to go along for the ride.

Living in a trailer park... I'm not that excited about though. Even though the house is built on a trailer, I don't really feel like it's actually a trailer. It's a tiny house, which is decidedly more epic.

A *Tiny House,* NOT a trailer ;)

The ultimate goal is to own land, move the trailer there, and maybe experiment with an earth bag home or a Mongolian ger, or even building another house from scratch with recycled/local materials. =D

Earthbag Home

Outside of a Mongolian ger
But this is probably all wishful thinking, because I doubt we will get the tiny house anyway - I found it because the Tiny House Blog posted the Craigslist ad on Facebook! So I'm sure we have a lot of competition willing to spend more money. =)

STEP 1:  Create Blog
STEP 2:  ???
STEP 3:  Profit!

I didn't make a post here on the Daily blog yesterday because I was busy making a post for the other blog, Technicolor Typecast. Perhaps I should have just made a post and linked it, but that is in the past now, so too bad. =)  I've been very busy doing ???


  1. Good luck on getting your tiny house. :)

  2. i somehow find such small houses very appealing

  3. Sounds awesome. I've always wanted to build a cob house.

  4. I've always wanted to try this out, it looks so cozy!

  5. very nice house man, looks good!