Saturday, February 19, 2011

New DAILY Blog!!

I LOVE Technicolor Typecast, I'm only a few posts in and I'm really feeling good about the blog; however, there are less deep things that I'd like to share more frequently, and I'm sure my readers will love more frequent posts...

So, I decided to make a daily version!  =D

Get ready for shorter, sweeter posts that fit in your pocket! They'll be better than an iPad!

I plan to post things that inspire me, polls, recipes... all sorts of stuff.

To start out, questions:
I want threaded comments.
Yea/nay? Do you know where to find any good widgets for this?

Of less importance at the moment:
I need to change the design of my blogs. Do you know of any simple, epic options?

Last question:
What do you think the font? Difficult to read? Awesome? Retarded?


  1. The font is nice, but does it go smaller? I believe it is slightly too big for daily posts. Otherwise, it's great!

  2. If you don't want to pay for themes, then the only options are the ones that comes with Blogger...